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Why do feminists claim that female leaders have handled covid-19 better?

Female led countries like Serbia, Belgium, Germany and Bangladesh didn't managed coronavirus better. There are a lot of male-led countries like Japan, Hungary, Poland and Thailand which have managed covid better. New Zealand has a very low population, that is why they have very less incidence of coronavirus.

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    As you point out, they come to their conclusion by cherry-picking their data.

    And even if they were right, using things as they currently are as a measure of how people will have handled the pandemic generally is a bad idea since most scientists and doctors think there is a might surge coming (and the numbers will change drastically).

    I suppose you might make the argument that women should be handling the issue because they are less likely to die from it when infected and it's a good idea to make sure that leaders hang around for continuity - but that's a pretty cynical view of leadership  That same argument could be used against women being in charge as they would be less likely to be motivated by the resulting carnage.

    As multiple feminists happily point out:  All issues are feminist issues (until it disadvantages feminism to talk about them).

    Which is too bad because it totally destroys the credibility of people genuinely interested in the advancement of gender parity.

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    "Why do feminists claim that female leaders have handled covid-19 better?"

    Feminists too often use the deceptively simpleton women=good : men=bad narrative.  Then they go out of their way to locate specific examples of that to provide as "proof" of their assertions.  That's all.


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