Why do such problems pervade food service, and why do people continue to use the food service industry?

Culturally the place where I work, gets along much better compared to McDonald's...

But there is one thing I noticed today..

That is where the difference ends.

I have dodged the threat of racism through a fair degree of racial homogeneity..

I have not escaped illegal drugs, abusive childhoods, mental illnesses like PTSD and Anxiety or OCD that still allows productivity..

Nor have I escaped the typical drug user..

And I am no better off asking one of these women on a date..

Not at all..

And I am STILL..

The only non-manager, "crew member" who goes home to a nice house.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    People continue to use the food service industry because they have a need for food.

    I have no idea what asking a co-worker on a date has to do with people using the food industry.

    The economic side of things is that the low-paying food industry provides employment to people who are incapable of working in any other environment due to emotional health issues, mental health issues and, in some cases, physical disabilities.

    Pretty much anyone can figure out how to flip a burger or fill up a cardboard container with a soft drink.  No extensive training, employees are literally a dime a dozen.

    You have serious mental health issues?  No one cares.  "You" stay a crew member and nothing more, AND the job keeps "you" off the streets for a period of time every day.

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