Why is my husband not friendly towards me?  ?

Between me and my husband, I am the one who initiates conversation. I have a more carefree attitude than he does. I get it that he has a lot of things in his mind worrying about debts and keeping his job. He has been fired twice in every job he has held. He has a tendency not to be thorough and produce results that are expected of him. This evening I had the urge to dance to 80s music which reminded me of the past. I invited him to dance with me as we microwaved leftovers for dinner. It was relaxing which continued throughout dinner. It was when we were cleaning up and I brought up the idea of covering the skylights in the hallway. My husband's expression suddenly became unfriendly or hostile. He basically looked at me and said it can be covered, it's not a problem, and that we look into it when all the work that is still currently being worked in the house finished. The content of what he said made sense but the way he said it was sarcastic. When he said covering the ceiling was easy, he was almost scoffing at me, like it was a no-brainer, of course, it can be done! It felt like talking to a stranger being talked down to a child with exasperation, trying to be patient but failing. We just had a good bonding time and he can easily turn antagonistic towards me because of something I said that he didn't like. He doesn't seem to see that I am not his enemy.  Why is he so antagonistic? Does he not value our friendship?  

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  • T J
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    1 month ago

    He is dealing with something that is bothering him a lot. Only he knows and does not wish to share it with you. Try to be patient, dont over do it. Until he is ready to talk, he is not going to change until he fixes what is bothering him, Do not suggest he talk to someone, he is almost ready to explode as it is now. It may just be the work in the house, the cost? who knows. If he takes lunch to work, make it for him or sneak into his lunch a little note...I love you.   nothing more.

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