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Would used to a teacher if they showed your child a movie at school that triggered their photosensitive epilepsy, without a seizure warning?

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  • 1 month ago

    Some things are unkind or unfair, but not necessarily illegal(crime) or may not have a requirement that if they did not follow and damages occurred, would make them liable. So, first, find out if there is a law that requires a warning or disclosure for triggering movies. Next, find out what ur school system's policy is on that as well. Two whammies never hurt anyone. Then ask yourseld what damages occurred? Hospital bills? Emotional trauma to the child? Next ask yourself, what would you like the outcome to be? Sometimes we just want to make people aware and prevent this from happening to someone else. Sometimes we want to do that and be compensated for our loss. If it is that u want to be compensated, then contact a personal injury attorney. If u want ur child to stay at that school and just make them aware, contsct the school system in your area as well as your kid's principal and then he teacher.

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