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I only print something 2-3 times a year.?

Every time, I have to buy a new printer cartridge - generally black. Because the only one no longer works - dried up, presumably.

How do I protect the cartridge, so it will still work next time, when it's only printed 5-10 pages since new, a few months ago ?

It's happened so often, I tried buying a new printer. But that made no difference.

$5 a page for printing is not reasonable.

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    Do this

    1. Using a moist cloth, you should wipe the printer cartridge nozzle. This can remove dried printer ink which may cause clogging later on.2. Prevent any possible leakage from the printer cartridge. Do this by covering its opening through the aid of Scotch brand magic tape. If you are dealing with multiple color ink tanks, make sure that each opening is covered with tape.3. Wrap the printer cartridge inside a clean and damp cloth then place it inside a plastic bag.4. Store the printer cartridge in a cool and dry place, and never in the refrigerator due to the moisture

  • bill
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    4 weeks ago

    Put your files on a usb stick and take it to a printing shop and get it printed out.

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    yes get a Brother B&W laser printer $200.00 or less ... it will not dry up

    Ink based printers are like free cheese in a mouse trap -- they are a toy 

    if you need a rare color print ,, or even the 2 or 3 times a year black YOU can put in it on thumb drive take it to The UPS store or FEDEx store - skip owning a printer 

  • John
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    1 month ago

    Sounds like you should be printing at another location like Staples or the library. Even if you pay 10 cents a page it would be cheaper. If you absolutely must print at home, get a monochrome laser printer, preferably a Brother. Printer should be under $100 and cost per page should be under a penny and dry laser toner does not dry out and clog the heads (there aren't any heads in a laser). Read this for some tips on finding the right printer.

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  • garry
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    1 month ago

    get a cheap laser printer , bit dearer than an inkjet and only black text but the ink never dries up . or take your paperwork on chip to the library , cheap way , only 5 cents a page . use there printer .

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    Use printer more often.

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    Cheap laser printers today are amazing.  You should definitely get one, unless you're printing color photographs.

    When I do photos I take my JPGs down to the local drugstore where they have a scanning/printing kiosk.  I forget what they cost (because it's been a while) but definitely cheaper than actual photographs.

  • Bill-M
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    That is the biggest problem with INK JET printers.   You need a Laser Printer.  NO INK to dry out.

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    I printed about once every few days on average as a page or two and was annoyed with inkjet ink drying up.  Sometimes would be more pages and other times more time down. I changed to a color laser and have been quite satisfied refilling the toner a couple of times a year. Eventually I think there are other parts that wear out. I've had the same color laser for many years.

    You are talking less frequently than me. The toner does settle and need re-shaking about once a month or so. If you are printing so infrequently you might use a printing service like Office Depot or a public library sending files over there or using a USB memory stick. One of the lower cost color lasers work, but is a higher up-front expense.

    There were solid ink printers by Kodak but I have no idea whether they still exist. They had issues and were not popular.

    Monochrome laser is about $100.

    Color laser that is not an all-in-one starts new at $200

    You are better off sharing a printer with a neighbor or paying him/her to print some pages. 

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