Were we mistreated at this restaurant?

I recently went out with my family for dinner and after we saw our waiter we politely asked our host if we could have a different waiter. We simply asked for someone who was less ghetto. The host declined and said they couldn't comply with our request. For our safety after that we left and decided to eat elsewhere. Why were they trying to paint us as racist? We didn't use the n-word or anything like that.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    At restaurants, staff must wear a uniform. Thus it was not the dress-code of the waiter that you judged them on. And you passed judgement before interacting with the actual waiter, so it's not mannerisms or linguistic reasons that you judged them on.

    The only criteria logically present for you to deem the waiter as "ghetto" for is their skin-color. You further carried that judgement to the extent that you feared "for (your) safety", as though something unique to this waiter made them, a service-industry employee in a restaurant, categorically incapable of being civil and well-behaved as opposed to any other waiter in the restaurant.

    Both of these express explicit racism on your part, unless you can provide contextual justification wherein the "ghetto" waiter is not judged as "ghetto" because of their skin-color/heritage.

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