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Will grass seed germinate in 40-50 degree weather?

I hired TruGreen to take care of my lawn this year because I have been away for work a lot and they just did an aerate and overseed today which is October 22nd in northern Illinois. Will the seeds even germinate and should I even bother having it watered? It is warmer today and will be tomorrow too but after that it will get considerably colder into next week so I wasn’t sure. I called true green to complain and they refunded me for the seeding so that’s something at least. 

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    Yes, it should. 

    That's a little on the cool side, but if soil temps are about 50F or higher, the grass seed should grow. Fall is generally considered the best time for grass seeding. 

    As far as weather goes - you either want it to stay warm, or get cold fast. What's not good is if the grass just barely germinates and then freezes. 

    Grass seed won't be bothered by frost or freeze- it will just grow next spring, and established grass won't be bothered either. Baby seedlings might not survive freezing if they haven't matured enough. 

    Source(s): State Certified Horticulturist
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    1 month ago

    I assume that they are Fahrenheit degrees (quite cold weather).

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    1 month ago

    the ground is not that cold yet so some may grow

    the recent rain should help

    some grasses germinate quicker than others

    you can google the type of grass if you know it 

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