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did i have asthma?

when i was in 3rd grade going into 4th grade, i had all the asthma symptoms, so my doctor did a test and i was diagnosed. they gave me a prescription to receive an inhaler. but now that i’m a sophomore in high school, im thinking back, and i barely ever used the inhaler because i didn’t know how to. all my symptoms went away like a year or 2 after. so i feel like they didn’t give me the right diagnosis bc i heard it’s hard to diagnose asthma. but til this day i have some times where i i feel like i can’t take a deep breath and i’m constantly yawning trying to get a deep breath. when i do, the feeling of air thirst comes back, and the more i think of it, it gets worse. i heard it was anxiety but idk. can someone help?

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    People can grow out of it, as well as grow into it. 

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    Help, not really. It takes testing yo make a diagnosis accurately.  People do grow out of asthma, and some reactive airways are triggered by something that perhaps you are no longer exposed to. A pulmonologist is about the best way to get an accurate diagnosis.  Be aware, that triggers such as a viral respiratory infection for example, can trigger airway symptoms 

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