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ancestry help?

looking for my (3 )great-grandmother Minerva Cowan born 1865-1870 in abbeville sc.

she is to be native american and italian or portuguese or irish. she is listed mulatto on census from 1880 to 1920. 


also lloking fo her parents 

cant find anything on her father 

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    So lucky to have a photograph! She was a beauty, too.

    I have an Ancestry membership, so I can add a little information I find there, although I can't vouch for its accuracy.

    Birth year appears to be 1864 according to the 1920 census. If this is her, the husband's name was Neal Cowan, 13 years older than her. They had children Trudie(15), Sevan(12), and Easle(8) listed in that census.

    Death record shows her born in 1862, dying 18 Dec 1920 in Due West, Abbeville, South Carolina. So maybe this isn't the right woman? She's listed as "colored." (All the others I clicked on said "white.")

    But here we may have something you can use, if it's her. It lists parents' namesFather:     Louise MT GeeMother:     Phillis MT Gee

    Looking at the image of the death certificate itself, it shows "date of birth" as "Don't Know" and the birthplaces of both parents as Abbeville. Cause of death looks like "mitral stenosis." Place and date of burial, Springfield, December 19. The handwriting on the father's name is pretty bad and could say Louis or even Lance. Phillis is good and clear, though, and the maiden name looks like Cunningham.

    But since the place of death is wrong, I kept poking around because god forbid I actually accomplish anything today, right? There's a Baltimore City Directory from 1959 showing Minerva E. and Charles C. Cowan living at 57 Avalon Ave. But I don't think it's her, because another record shows both of those names born in Pennsylvania.

    The bad news is that 1803 pages of results hit for the information you have. I went through the first six, and each one seems to have something that doesn't fit. You might need to settle in for some serious digging.

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