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My computer's audio has gotten worse after a Windows Update. ?

After a Windows 10 update, my audio quality has gotten worse, for some reason. Now it sounds distorted and not as loud as it was before; not to mention I cannot even use the Virtual Surround enhancement anymore. I use Realtek High Definition Audio, what can it to be? 

And yeah, I've already tried the usual methods, such as disabling the "Enhancements" on the settings, I've already tried to update the driver through Windows itself, but it just says that I'm using the newest one, etc... I don't wanna have to disable anything, I just would like to have the audio quality as I had before. 

Thanks in advance! 

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    you should never trust Windows' driver updates. that is most likely what caused your problem, in fact.

    here's what you need to do:

    first, go to your Control Panel, to the Programs & Features list and check for the Realtek Audio drivers. Uninstall them.

    then go to your Device Manager list. under Sound drivers, find the Realtek system, and right-click, Uninstall them. be sure to check the box to remove the driver files as well!

    if it says to restart, do so now, and if it prompts to install drivers, cancel it.

    then go to yoir computer manufacturer's drivers support page, by googling the model of your computer, along with the word "drivers".

    the first match should be the right page.

    download the audio drivers for your version of Windows. then go to the Downloads folder, right-click the installer, and Run As Administrator.

    after install, reboot once more, and you should be back in action.

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