Arduino Programming RGB LED sketch Help?


I need help with this program that allows a user to control the color of an RGB LED using the numbers 0-255.  While this program successfully allows the user to freely control the LED, I cannot figure out how to put parameters in the RGB_function or Void Loop function that makes it so the user gets an error if they enter an incorrect value (if they go outside the 0-255 range).  Thank you for the help, the photo shows notes

int temp;int redPin = 11;int greenPin = 10;int bluePin = 9;char redLED;char greenLED;char blueLED;     String Message1 = "RBG LED program\n";String Message2 = "Thank you for your inputs\n";String Message3 = "Invalid integer \n";void setup() {  Serial.begin(9600);  pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);  pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT);  pinMode(bluePin, OUTPUT);  Serial.println(Message1);  delay(1000);}void RGB_Function(){  delay(50);  Serial.println("please enter RED, GREEN, and BLUE vars");  while(Serial.available() == 0){    }    redLED = Serial.parseInt();    greenLED = Serial.parseInt();    blueLED = Serial.parseInt();    temp = Serial.parseInt();}void loop() {    RGB_Function();    analogWrite(redPin, redLED);    analogWrite(greenPin, greenLED);    analogWrite(bluePin, blueLED);    Serial.println(Message2);    delay(500);      }void setColor(int red, int green, int blue){  #ifdef COMMON_ANODE  red = 255 - red;  green = 255 - green;  blue = 255 - blue;  #endif  analogWrite(redPin, red);  analogWrite(greenPin, green);  analogWrite(bluePin, blue);}


i tried to put program in, but yahoo didnt upload it correctly, so if you put it in the IDE youll have to edit it.

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