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Islam: entering competitions?

Is it haram to enter a competition that you to donate to a charity to enter? 


Just for clarity I've read that entering competitions to win by chance is haram. 

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    You should list all the things that you have heard from any one with out any sources of reference to refer too, then we can answers all of your questions in one go. once for all. thanks for two points any how.  

  • 1 month ago

    No , if you donate to some charity to your free will , it is not Haram . Allah says " Spend in charity secretly or openly to encourage others for Charity , but charity shall be not for show of ". At the occasion of Tabuk War , the Prophet him self invited to a sort of competition to donate as charity in Madni Mosque and the companions donated more and more as per their capacity. Study charity on Gazwa i Tabuk for details

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