Why do I look Anonymous, even though I'm not using it?

My account just recovered from the suspension this afternoon

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    1 month ago
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    Perhaps it was a glitch or a delay in getting your "identity" unsuspended, if your Yahoo account was suspended from using YA pending a successful appeal. You don't look Anonymous at all, at this time (your question was posted 6 hrs ago). You have an avatar that appears to be an animal, with the username N.E.K.O™ beside it.


    Your question belongs in Yahoo Products>Yahoo Answers as it's currently in Yahoo Products>Yahoo Mail>Abuse and Spam and not applicable to this subcategory (and thus decreases your chances of getting many useful answers).

    Moving your question can be done by clicking Edit (pencil icon for mobile)>Edit category just beneath your question, then selecting the category that's appropriate for the topic.

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    The account looks normal. It may just take time to hit on all servers.

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