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Is it possible that if a programmer wrote a simulation, created a world full of entities that they may become 'aware' ?

that they're in a program and are mere objects inside of this program/simulation ?

there will be parameters and rules of course written by the programmer.

what if the objects tried to figure out a way to change these paramters or rules ?

kind of makes you wonder though whether we're in a program, which would imply that there may very well be limits to what is 'out there' and that beyond that, there is simply nothing out there.

death ?  maybe the object is destroyed and is not required no more ?  aging ?  maybe each object has a fixed timer which is the maximum age one can live till unless other entities interact and limit that age.

who knows.

one things for sure, it gives me the chills to just think about it that we are not even real.

what if the space we observe is merely 'free memory' thats waiting to be used and programmed with ?

when we 'spot' something maybe the programmer coded it and put it there ? like a new planet ? or a new black hole ?

galaxies may very well be multi dimensional arrays,  containing objects and vice versa.

as i said, makes you wonder...


update:  God ?  

* Programmer *


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  • Win
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    3 months ago

    Your DNA is the code sequence which made you. 

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    3 months ago

    a program can, quite literally, only do what it is programmed to specifically do.

    when A.I. seems almost human, it is because it was programmed to respond that way.

    a program CAN rewrite parts of its memory and stored code, but only if it were programmed to do so, and there is usually too much of a risk of corruption to do so. far better to be able to just reboot it and it will be as good as new.

    as for being TRULY self-aware, i'm afraid that exists only in the realms of sci-fi. the closest one might get would be to program them to ACT self-aware. that can be done, but would probably require more time, programming, and testing, than most programmers are willing to spend on such a project.

    still, many are still trying. if you want to see the results, try talking to Siri or Alexa about anything "unofficially" possible with them. like things they weren't designed to do. ask them to sing you a song, or tell you a dirty joke. ask them what the square root of "butt" is, or what their favorite TV show is.

    these are the kinds of things that might help an A.I. pass the Turing test...

  • 3 months ago

    You've been watching "The Matrix"

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