Should I just be there for him when he needs me or should I just move on?

Been talking to this guy since April. I recently started to really like him. He hardly has any time for me especially now that he focusing on his business. I’m a stylist plus doing online w the girls. Recently he called me I ignored him the whole day like I was trying to give him space. I keep trying to offer him space. Today he told me I was nagging him waaaay to much. Always wanting him to call me and stuff. we aren’t together at all. I initially told him I wanted to be friends at first then he tells me I switched it up cause how I’m acting. And today he tells me I’m kinda stressing him out with everything I’ve been doing lately. What should I do??? I like him a lot and I don’t even know why other than being use to him the sex is horrible we hardly talk cause he claim to be so busy. We hardly see each other. I atleast would like him to talk to me every hour. But if he’s not my man is that asking for too much? What questions can I ask him to see where we go next? I don’t want him stressing over me and stressing because I’m trying to give him space. I asked him if he was seeing somebody he said no and said that he just trying to get **** going for himself. Which is understandable but do I wait for him or just move around idk how much I can take. 


We have been on dates and we barely even have sex and when we do it’s sooooo wack. 

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    1 month ago
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    From the sounds of things, this guy has massive commitment issues. This is more than likely due to all the commitments he has going on in his life at the moment. The problem, is that if he is struggling to make time for you now then things are hardly going to improve when you become a couple. Furthermore, he seems to be getting stressed when you confront him about this, which is not a good sign. I personally feel that you are at a stage now where you need to have showdown talks with this guy and ask him what his intentions are. He basically needs to decide whether or not he wants to be with you. If he does, then he needs to make more of an effort and make you a priority in his life. I really hope this helps. 

  • 1 month ago

    Sounds like there is not much here. Best to pack it up.

  • T J
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    1 month ago

    How about your stress with him? Best to say good bye to him, find a new man. Talking to him every hour is too much, neither one of you are good for each other. move on.

  • 1 month ago

    So you have just been 'talking' for 6 months and he's too busy.  Sounds like you have at least met up for sex when HE wants it, but you aren't getting anything else back off him except him telling you that you are nagging him.  So something is wrong somewhere isn't it.  You don't contact him because you give him 'space' - but he says you are nagging him too much???  When does this nagging happen?  When you are seeing him for sex?  He's using you isn't he......and YOU are allowing it.  He doesn't want a girlfriend.  He wants a FWB.  YOU, on the other hand, want a proper boyfriend.  This guy is NOT a proper boyfriend.  Just because you have sex with him - or let him have sex with you in the hope he'll become emotionally involved with you - doesn't mean that is going to happen.....and it obviously hasn't.  It's your choice.  Find yourself a proper boyfriend = or stay unhappily with him as a sex slave.

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