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Should I go on this date to get an ending to it?

There's a guy I've been on two dates with but he's turned out not that nice and there's loads of red flags.

I thought after first date it would get better but I think he's getting worse

Everyone is saying to end it

We have a third date arranged but I'm dreading it

Part of me wants to end things now but the other part of me wants to go on the date to get a clear picture that he isn't nice. Also I think I'd be able to end things better then. 

What would you do? 

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    I think it depends on what these red flags are but given that there a lot of them it isn't a good sign. With that being said, what you need to decide is whether these red flags are issues that can easily be resolved. Remember, no one is perfect; there is no perfect guy out there. Hence, what you need to decide is how much of a deal breaker these red flags are along with whether or not you feel an emotional connection with this guy. 

    Source(s): What were the red flags that popped up with him? If you'd like I'd be happy to help you some more? Would it be ok if I emailed you? If its easier, feel free to msg me at :)
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    Are you totally stupid?  You don't like him.  You dread seeing him.  Just because there's a date arranged, it CAN be cancelled.  A part of you just WANTS to be abused.  Is this healthy?   Cancel the date.  Text him and say you can't make it unfortunately and don't leave it until the last minute.  If he wants another date, just be constantly busy and don't go out with him again.  Eventually you would then have to tell him it's just not working for you.

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    hes not nice but you want to make sure. lol ok . maybe hes just being nervous. you know gusy will get stupid when they are stunned by beauty right?

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