It frustrates me that I still don't have a boyfriend?

Because I'm considered even more unattractive then most other women in the world or considered the most ugliest woman in the world.

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  • 1 month ago

    You seem to have a poor self image however, they way you see yourself isn't at all as others see you. The real beauty of a person is in their personality and not in their physical appearance. I have known some ladies who were not really attractive physically but their personality was really great and they has lots of friends and never short of a boyfriend. You must learn to love yourself. Always remember the song by Whitney Houston "The greatest love of all" and if you don't know this song, please watch it on youtube. The true beauty and value of a lady is what they are inside and definitely not what they appear. You must learn to love yourself as this is both natural and right. Some of the most successful couples I have known were couples where one was physically attractive and the other was not BUT, they were incredibly successful in their relationship because they were fully compatible.  I know that I would much prefer a lady who might not be all that physically attractive but had a personality that was "magnetic." One day we will all grow old and for those who built their relationships on physical attraction, their relationships will falter because they had built on the wrong foundation.

    Please, don't feel down about your self as there are a lot of young men out there that would be glad to have a girlfriend that is faithfull and true and one day it will all happen when you least expect it, Mr. wright will come along. Just show yourself friendly and approachable and believe me, it wont be long before you are noticed by someone.

    You have no right to feel down about yourself as you are a valuable and worthwhile person and no one has the right to attempt to ride rough shod over your dignity which the Lord Himself has given you. The Lord loves you as though you are the only person on earth. I have just prayed for you and committed you into the Lord's hands as you have the God given right to be happy. God Bless.    

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  • Ham
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    1 month ago

    Say it often about yourself and it will be prophetic because you only look inwards.  In reality there are many lonely men out there and one day you will find one.. but only if you look and act outwards.

  • 1 month ago

    You’re not ugly, it’s just not your time . 

  • 1 month ago

    Women need to stop placing their worth on whether or not they have a boyfriend. I can tell that you're young.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    How come you have a mental disability but your sister is completely normal?

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