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Would Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (Rembrandt) have admired and respected the works of Leonardo Da Vinci ?

Would I be right in assuming Rembrandt is widely regarded as 'one of the' GOAT painters ?  or would he struggle to make it into that top 10 list ? 

LDV gets into that list I suspect,  no he 'books' himself a place in the top 3 of that top 10 list immediately,  no questions asked.   That is not up for discussion, whether Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the 10 greatest painters of all time,   surely he must be and surely not just one of the 10 best, but arguably makes it into the '3 greatest painters' of all time list ?

or am I rating LDV too highly here and need to research/learn more about famous painters ? if so who else should I check out?

the main question im asking is,  in Rembrandts hey day, when he was in his prime and the hottest thing on the block in europe and 'talk of the town',   would he have still found time to marvel at Leonardo Da Vinci's work ? dare I even go there, influenced by LDV's work ?

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    You ought also to enquire about famous engineers of that time, since L da V did much engineering design and some actual works. It is also possible that he invented a form of photography to fake the Turin Shroud, though that notion is rather speculative.

  • snafu
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    1 month ago

    Sure he would.  Standing on the shoulders of giants so to speak.

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