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Why did I have to be born a loser?

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Nope severe ADHD and dyspraxia make you a loser and doesn't allow you to make decisions because when you are trying your best at every job and get fired for your disability symptoms that is NOT a choice. That's when the whole "you make your own choices in life" becomes bullsh**

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    Birth is "karmic," or existential.  Agreeing with your first three answerers and Sartre and Maslow that assessment of your positives helps you chart a good Maslowian path's_hierarchy_o...  If your parents are able to share a conversation with you where you talk about your feelings and concerns, great; otherwise, suggest beginning with a counseling available e.g. at and 


    A Warrior's Path;

    Understanding Yourself by Mark Prophet;

    The Road Less Traveled;

    For Couples Only;

    Man's Search for Meaning.

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    Everyone was born a loser, some people learned from their mistakes.

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    It’s all in your head, my love. Everything we know is not at all what it seems. After high school, the real world begins. Plastic melts. Those jerk offs you work with don’t mean shit when you get home at the end of the day. If you had a million dollars and someone took half would you give them the other half? No. So if someone ruins 10 minutes of your day why let them ruin the other 24 hours of it? You are the master of your own soul, your fate is in your hands. The harder you believe and try, the more of what you want will

    come to fruition. But remember, you have to take action for these things to happen. Nothing will change on its own.  Ps, since you had the balls to post this online, for whatever it’s worth you’re not a loser to me! 

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    Well... maybe you weren't and instead made a lot of bad decisions that compounded on each other and made you the person you are today.

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    "You can't be born a loser, it's your own choice whether you become one or not"


    - giga chad

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