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Should I leave this guy for good? Or should I wait for him?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me about a month and a half ago and the reasons why weren’t really clear. It was really hard for us both and ever since then, we have been in this weird in between stage where we aren’t really broken up, but we aren’t officially dating either because about a week after he ended it, he started second guessing himself and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to actually end it all for good or not. We still hangout and talk all the time and mess around together, but he doesn’t want us to make anything official. He just told me the other day that the real reason he broke up with me is because things between us were getting repetitive and he was just getting kind of bored (we had been dating for a little over a year). He keeps saying that part of him still loves me and doesn’t want it to end forever, but another part of him thinks it should. He just recently told me that he is waiting to see if he thinks we could work out again and if it’s worth it to give us another shot. That’s why he doesn’t want to make things official (even though I really do). I haven’t done anything except for care about him and support him and show him love the whole time I was with him and I really do love him. I just feel like I’ve always tried harder than him (even though he can be very charming at times) and I don’t know if it’s worth it to wait or if I should just stop talking to him and move on. What should I do?

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    Just a little over a year, and he's already bored? Not a good sign for a lasting relationship in the future. Might be time to give it up, I hate to say.

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    I'm sorry but it doesn't sound like this guy is much into this relationship. "things are getting repetitive" is not an actual reason to break up. It's impossible to always stay in the "madly inlove" phase, the monotony begins after some time, and that's when you know if you are serious about each other. It shouldn't be up to you to keep the guy "interested" - it has to be coming from both sides. I also had a situation once when a guy told me he wasn't sure about us, he needs time to think, and during this time we were just casually meeting up, talking etc. After more than a month of this, he just sent me a text that he thinks he has feelings for a another girl and he is sorry.. So basically what it all was is that he was taking the "time" to see if he would get a chance with that girl, but to still have me as plan B in case it doesn't work.

    Not saying that this is always the case, but I don't think you should keep being so invested in saving such relationship

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