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During the build up and through out World War 2, what were some of Americas most prolific Gangsters/Mobsters doing ?

did the wars benefit them negatively, positively or indifferently ?

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    Head of the Mafia, Lucky Luciano, was serving a 30 - 50 year sentence in prison when the war began. The US government made a deal with him. They told him they would reduce his sentence if he used his influence to get New York City docker workers to help protect New York City harbor and ships from sabotage by German agents, he agreed. And when the US was going to invade Sicily/Italy they asked him for help again to get Sicilians/Italians to gather info needed for the invasion, called Operation Husky, he agreed again. After the war ended the government did better than reduce his sentence, they released him from prison after serving 9 years, however, he was deported to Italy and he was never permitted to return to the US.

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    Ford GM ITT IBM Alcoa SKF of Philadelphia sold Goods to the Nazis up to 1945 and denied sale to the UK and the USA because they had converted to metric to make Bigger Profits from the Nazis

    they were in Fact Corporate Gangsters

    IBM was caught in 1945 collecting Profits and was told that is Blood Money and the Reply

    a Profit is a Profit and Blood washes off Gold

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    Playing in a way to get money from the people...... a tax to breathe in my territory...... 

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