What is the meaning of "leggiest"?

What is the meaning of "leggiest" in this sentence.

"Dangal pins down $ 500 million to become China's leggiest movie ever."This sentence is from a headline in a newspaper.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    This explanation was printed in an article on Forbes in 2016. 


    "In movie industry parlance, a film has “legs” when its box office trajectory defies normal patterns by running longer and more successfully in theaters than would typically be expected. A “leggy” film is one that has strong and profitable box-office stamina and audience drawing power far beyond the opening day or opening weekend.

    Titanic (1997) and the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) are examples of movies with strong legs. Both kept running in theaters for months after their debuts. More recently, Zootopia has exhibited strong legs everywhere, and as I noted in an article last week, it has become China's leggiest movie ever."

    From what I've read recently, the Indian movie Dangal is now China's leggiest movie ever. 

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