Why is attending a four year college all four years better than starting at a community college and then transferring to a four year school?

Intended major is computer science

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  • John
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    1 month ago
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    There are both advantages and disadvantages to each path.  Touching just on some of the advantages of attending a 4 year college: (1) more challenging academics, (2) better college experience (3) no worries about credits not transferring.

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    I know for my daughter she graduated top in her class from HS.  She took 18 credits her first semester at her university and had a 4.0.  CC classes would of been too easy.  She also started classes in her major and minor first semester along with some gen eds. Many majors start you off in classes right away. Especially in dance, music, art and theater.

    Universities offer much better facilities and more of them. Labs, library, equipment. Better teachers. Most universities teachers will have their Doctorate degree. 

    Getting to know your professors in area of study as a freshman can help.  My son in law  had a internship lined through one of his professors sophomore to start his junior year.  He also was able to do work for a professor on his research. This professor was very helpful when he started to apply graduate schools. 

    You are not going develop a relationship like that coming in your junior year. He also had a job starting sophomore year on campus that he was able to have until he graduated.

    Not all CC give out the same education. Some CC student find themselves struggling when they transfer. Universities classes are more rigorous.

    You can find all CC credits do not transfer. Or even if they do, you have prerequisite classes that have to be taken at the university. This could delay you by a semester. 

    CC are good if you are not ready to leave home or need to stay home for your family. Tuition is cheaper. 

    My personal experiences. I find some students just don’t  continue on to a university from a CC.  A general education Associate degree is really only good if you continue on to a university. It isn’t going to get a job.  

    They go to CC becuase they don’t know what to major in and pretty much feel the same way when they finish.  I think being on campus at a university you experienced more. You are around other student who going for that Bachelor degree. You have professors to talk to about a major. 

    Plenty of CC do transfer and get their Bachelor degree.   I have found in some students it doesn’t work well to inspire a student to pick a major and continue on.  

    CC are offering more and more two year career programs and trade school courses.  A good alternative to a four year Bachelor degree.

  • 1 month ago

    The answer is subjective. The classes at a four-year school as well as the facilities and labs and equipment are often better than those at a community college. Plus getting to know professors may make it easier to get a research or internship position. There are many social benefits to entering a four-yer university as a freshman. It is in that first year that you make most of your friends.  Coming in as a transfer makes it harder to find a friend group.

    Of course, community colleges are less expensive and can be a great place to get through general education and foundational courses. 

  • April
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    1 month ago

    The field of computer science is very similar to accounting. Attending community college is good if you want a fast, cheap way to earn a small degree. However, many of the credits from A.A.S. programs aren't transferable. You would probably make a lot more with a bachelor's.

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i think either one is good

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