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Why is my vision better than my glasses? Is my vision actually better or worse?

I just got cataract surgery two months ago, and I can see farther away. Now, I have a new distance prescription which they measured about a month ago. Today, my vision without the glasses seems “more black,” meaning clearer, than it is with the prescription. I can see perfectly fine through my new reading glasses though, they help a lot. Why is this? I was nearsighted before surgery, and I am now 20/100. Is my vision really better now than it was a month ago, or is it just getting worse?


My vision was 20/400 before my surgery, and I am seeing probably better than ever now. Also my glasses are not progressives, I use one for reading (OTC) and one prescription pair for distance vision.

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  • 1 month ago

    There is some confusion in your story. First of all, if your vision after cataract surgery is 20/100, you got really bad results. Check again. It's going to be really hard for someone remotely to figure out what is happening. If you posted your distance prescription, we may have some idea. It sounds like you have some single vision reading glasses. Are your distance glasses progressive lenses?

    If your best corrected vision is 20/100, I'm sorry. You really should not be driving. With low vision people like you, t is really hard to prescribe glasses. Often things that seem like a good idea as suggested by an autorefractor don't help as much as we might expect. Glad that you are happy with your results.

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