health and safety responsibilities?

My workplace has recently moved to a new premises due to an increase in production and not enough room at our old factory. The new factory is being subletted with another companies storage warehouse. After being in the building for 4 weeks the company we are subletting our allocated space off is telling us that we have to chance our health and safety rules. I am generally all for this as i am very health and safety cautious anyway but most of the 15 men who work with me don't really care too much and our employer also doe not mind. Since i started working there only 2 years ago, most of the lads have not even had safety boots on but now the company we are subletting off is telling us we have to wear safety boots. I already wear safety boots but some of my fellow employees are wondering why they are giving us orders and not our employer.    Could anybody let me know who is responsible for our health and safety as we have not even got plasters, a first aid kit or a first aider on site. Honestly it's like the 80's..  Our employer said it is not up to him.

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  • Tavy
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    3 months ago
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    The company that is subletting and your employer are both responsible for H&S in the building. The Subletter will get into trouble with his insurers and your Employer with the Health & Safety Executive.

    You should phone up the local Council and report him , he is playing with your lives.


  • Maxi
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    3 months ago

    Everyone is, employees themselves and employer are responsible legally and their insurance is void if they are not following H&S laws and if the employer is subletting premises from somone who is also working in the same premises, they have a legal responsibility to ensure their emplioyees are kept safe from others who are not abiding by H&S laws

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