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Why are the hurt business in main events when they are filled with a bunch of losers? ?

I swear, only in the no fan era of WWE, could old, never was wrestlers, like Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin reutrn to WWE and form a dominant group. And be in main events. Heck, even just before the no an thing happened, they were continuing be losers. MVP was getting his *** kicked every week after returning at the royal rumble, Shelton Benjamin has been nowhere to be seen for years, and the rare times he did appear, it was to get his a ss kicked. And then there's bend over Bobby. Where to start with this one. He returned in 2018, then after a few weeks, he would start bending over and spanking his a ss. And he was constantly losing, like how he could owned by Finn Balor at Wrestlemania 35. So as you can see, these no name, never was, wrestlers, are now on top of WWE. 

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  • Yes you haven't seen them because you only watch WWE. Those of us who watch other Professional Wrestling Promotions have seen them. If you don't like their story line, you don't like their story line. If you have suggestions for WWE send them to WWE. WWE's not going to be impressed with you posting them in Yahoo Answers.

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    Well, I guess they're stronger collectively than individually.

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