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What breed of dog is this?

He is 3.5 years old and his name is Hatchet. His old owners only told me he is mixed.

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    I think it's a pit or pit-mix.

    I'm first looking at the head/face and I LOVE it, the light eyes and the expression and those EARS.  The space between the ears and the head structure are screaming PIT to me and all the pink I see on the dog's ears, nose, and muzzle are, too.  Also the broad chest and that big white chest patch.  Those are pit bull characteristics, and LOOK at how he's muscled on the outside of the shoulders -- ALSO typical for the pit bull.

    Those ears are terrier, all the way.  Oh CRAP, is he ever cute!  

    The floppy, flappy lips are pit bull, too.  I don't really see a mix.  I would love to see this dog standing, and from the side, but from this pic, I think it's a pit and I don't see anything else.

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    Identify a dog's breed, learn about its temperament, find similar dogs, and more. Upload a photo or take a picture with your phone to try it. EntityLinkingDog.

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    He's a pitty mix.  Beautiful eyes!

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    Assuming he is smaller, due to his lower hanging lips I would say part bulldog or pug and also maybe part lab or boxer

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    beautiful dog! well being honest. not a mix . he is a american pit bull terrier younger dog . if you train your dog perfect way by like people and children that be good but some time if you dont train the dog the way suppose to be when gets little older turn into aggressive toward other dogs and cats and strangers. here are informations more about your dog its a pure breed. .

    if you look on google type pictures of american pit bull terriers  click imagine there will match same breed as your dog is. .


    the american pit bull terriers s thought to have originated from bulldogs and terriers crosses. and was first developed as a fighting breed after bull- bating was outlawed in england in 1835 ,before being taken  to america by settler during the 19th century ,to be used mainly as a working farm dog .it is extremely strong,agiles,,and enacious.and although it was formerly one of the most popular american breeds in recent years it has earned a reputation for wilfulness and aggression and has faced worldwide legislation after a series of reported attacks on people. this reputation is ,however ,somewhat unjust for whilst there are those individuals that promote the american pit bull 's fighting instinct, if properly trained and socialized  this dog is good natured ,copmpanionable and obedient.and excels in every canine fact an american pit bull terriers named banddog dread.holds more working titles than any other dogs .they do not get along with small animals ,include cats 

    heights 18-22inches and should weight about 22-110 lbs. the life span is 10-12 years .origin came from U.S.A . 

    description: A very stocky, muscular dog with a broad head and neck and extremely powerful jaws . the ears are often are pointing up or flopping down .and the tail tapers means long .the coat is short and shiny and occures in many colors and combinations. including black ,white brown , red brindles or merlie. 

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    It is not a pure breed or even a disquencable breed in him.  He is a mix & I think the only way you will know for sure is to get a dna test to satisfy your curiosity.  He is cute & I bet he is pretty smart.  He will make you one fine pet.  Do some basic training to help him to be a good dog.

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    Its a Pitbull mix.

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    Pit mix.

    He isnt a breed.  Its a mutt with obvious bully breed heritage

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     Then its a mongrel  type dog obviously Having no breed of its own.

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    It is a mix, so therefore it can't be any breed.  My guess is that it's a Pit mix


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    Looks like a beagle/boxer mix

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