Are black and hispanic parents more strict than white parents?

I sometimes see black parents argue in the street with their kids and sometimes even get physical unfortunately. The few times I intervened the mother of that child (about 17 years old) told me to go about my business and in an angry tone as if I am her child. Meanwhile in the suburbs, most parents live quiet lives and most are married with well behaved children. I don't see as much spanking as much as I do in the urban areas. I wonder why suburban parents are more calm and yet raise good children while those in the ghetto have more hitting and discipline (if you can even call it that) often sometimes treat their kids like criminals. Also many are divorced so unfortunately it looks like the father is out of the picture. A broken home.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    As with all questions connected with human life, the answer is: "Some are, some are not".

  • edward
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I lived in an upper class neighborhood when i was young.  Quiet on week days, a little more lively on weekends.  Not many broken homes (not to say they didn’t exist) but discipline was almost non existant.  I mean the kids i went to school with have been taught to watch thier P’s and Q’s since day one, they were well public.  Hispanic people and black people...i can’t say i know many of them but i suppose negative reinforcement is an effective way of parenting when you can’t afford positive reinforcement

  • 1 month ago

    No. Black parents aren’t parents at all. They have children and then let them raise themselves. Hispanic parents seem to be a step up from blacks, I would say probably pretty much on the same level as white parents. That sounds terrible, but statistically it’s the truth. Blacks just don’t raise their children right. And a lot of them do a pretty poor job at it. Which is a big reason why black culture is such a victim culture. They’re raised by poor parenting and taught by their single mothers and absent fathers that they’re a victim from birth. Somehow they equate their mistakes to being a victim. If they’d have a stronger culture and learn to be role models instead of glorifying being wannabe gangsters, have some value for their own race, maybe things would start looking up for them as a whole. But until they want to fix themselves, no one else can help them. It’s sad they don’t see that.

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