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The ending of vanilla sky was him waking from cryogenic freeze, or was that all a dream too?

Or was this movie your own interpretation? 

Also did Penelope Cruz's character kill herself? 

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    That's one of those things they don't really answer.

    In Vanilla Sky, you hear a woman simply tell him to open his eyes. In the original Spanish movie (Open Your Eyes - ending linked below), the woman's voice sounds an awful lot more like Cruz's, but I can't say for certain that it was her voice. It also doesn't have his whole life flash before his eyes montage like the US version does.

    It's been a while since I've seen either of them, so I might be mixing the two of them together, but as I recall, Cruz's character (in reality) never saw him again after the party when he sliced his lucid dream in. Everything about their relationship was in his dream.

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    Dude, I haven't even had a full cup of coffee and it's only 2:45 am. Lighten up on all these questions. 

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