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LADIES? Is it true that purple colored makeup primers can prevent foundation from looking grey???

What's the best colored makeup primer for preventing grey-looking foundation🤔????

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    Purple is usually used to tone down sallow and yellowish skin tones. You use the opposite color on the color wheel to tone down odd shaddes. Red and ruddy skin is toned with it's opposite red. If your foundation appears grey then it could be the wrong shade and the wrong tone. Makeup come on three basic tones, warm, neutral and cool. While you should match your skin tone a too cool shade on cool blueish skin tone can look grey. Purple has blue in it so it won't do anything to help. Warm up your undertones with the opposite of blue. Flattering shade of orange that work for makeup are: gold, peach or coral. Don't use pure orange unless you want to look like a Cheetos.  It cold also be that your foundation is simply the wrong shade  and too pale for your skin. Add a couple drops of a darker foundation and see if that helps. Sephora and The Body Shop both sell color drops that darken or lighten foundations. These drops are wonderful if you tan easily in the summer and fade quickly in the fall.

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