So I have a few snake plants. One I care for but notice it has white marks on it. What is it, and what can I do to ensure it’s healthy?

It’s on a few of the leaves but not all. They are like dry hard dried out patches. What can I do to fix this or can anyone explain to me if it is normal. Thanks

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    I see three things that could be "white marks", one is the area that looks damaged on the leaf in the middle left, that is actual damage to the plant and will always be on that leaf.  Because Sanseveria grow very very slowly it will be there a long time.  That part of the leaf will not ever heal over and recover, once it has grown two or three more leaves you can cut that one off.  If that were my plant, I'd just leave it.

    Then you have the pale yellowish stripes up the leaves, those are normal markings.  Then there is the pale green mottling of the leaves, those are also normal markings.

    The way to deal with the damage on the leaf I described in the first paragraph is to not let the plant get bashed and damaged in the first place.  Sanseveria are the toughest house plant I know, they can suffer total neglect and be fine.

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