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What’s it like living in Florida?

I live in Southern California at the moment, and as you know buying a house is crazy expensive and you can obviously get more for your money in Florida. If I move to Florida I would either like to be in the panhandle or northern Florida, maybe by Jacksonville? How is it living in Florida dealing with hurricanes? I know it’s a yearly thing, but is it really that bad? It seems like a headache lol. My in-laws cars were under water because of hurricane sally. Are there any parts of Florida that are not that Badly effected by hurricanes? Is it worth it to buy in Florida?because the weather is a big deal for me. And I know you’re gonna say California gets earthquakes, but they rarely ever happen and if they do, they’re little. The huge ones only happen every hundred years or so. Meanwhile Florida gets hurricanes EVERY YEAR. So Would you rather live in California w/ awesome weather but expensive housing or live in Florida with sucky rain and hurricanes, but a Nice big house for cheap.?

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    No, hurricanes are not THAT bad here in Florida. It is kind of like Cali with earthquakes (they happen occasionally SOMEWHERE in the state but the average person doesn't get severely impacted by a big one). Anywhere in Florida can get hit by a hurricane, but frequent direct hits on any specific city is not a thing to worry about. I have lived in Florida for over 25 years and have only seen actual hurricane force winds once. I have never seen major hurricane conditions. Hurricane cores are much more compact than the size of the storm on satellite. If you really want to be safe, then know that the western side is less prone to a major than the east and also inland cities are safer than coastal. 

    North Florida is not really my thing at all. It doesn't have much of a Florida vibe, hard freezes occur there every winter, and the vegetation there is more like what you would see in the south than lush beaches with coconut and royal palms. Tropical flora can't survive winter in northern florida and the vibe is more "the south". I did my undergraduate degree at Florida State University and so moved to Tallahassee(panhandle) for a few years from my town further south in western Florida. It very much felt like I had moved to Georgia or Alabama. 

    South Florida has a tropical climate and is culturally very different. The difference is HUGE. A lot of cultural diversity in the Miami metropolitan area and the entire southern portion of the state has a beachy vibe. Costs are higher there though. 

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    I personally prefer coastal Florida and have a party during most storms, inland gets swampy and bugs. Any newer house will meet hurricane specs, but it's really essential to have a standby generator for the power outages.

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    real estate varies typically by how rural or urban the property is ... hurricanes 'usually' are only bad on coastal areas, power going out in the interior for extended periods in storms is more of a factor than storm damage .. if your prepared for it 'before' a storm is imminent your all good ..

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    S Florida is a lot like S California, but VERY expensive. especially for property tax. you might have better luck in different parts of Florida. Hurricanes aren't a problem since Florida homes are built to hurricane code, concrete blocks to the ceiling reinforced with steel rods running into the foundation. Hurricanes are more of a vacation and kinda fun, unless they are cat 3 or higher, then they are very scary. South Florida is full of good democrats, the rest of the state is retarded rednecks. 

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