Why are values important in life?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Encouraging people to have good values would likely have positive effect on the society and on the person.

    Like for ex:

    To be charitable is a good value

    if a person practices it

    - the people who are in need in the society would benefit.

    - the person may be honored, loved.

    - there is bonding between people within the society.

    I think To love, be loved is living life.

    Without love we are dealing with life. 

    So having good values are important and good.

    Negative things in a similar way would have negative impact in the world and in the person, the people in influence of the person.

    World seems like it is moving materialistic and people becoming selfish as a result of that.



     "Donald Niewyk and Francis Nicosia, in The Columbia Guide to the Holocaust (2000), favor a definition that focuses on the Jews, Roma and handicapped: "the systematic, state-sponsored murder of entire groups determined by heredity".

    "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum distinguishes between the Holocaust (the murder of six million Jews) and "the era of the Holocaust", which began when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933.[33] Victims of the era of the Holocaust include those the Nazis viewed as inherently inferior (chiefly Slavs, the Roma and the handicapped), and those targeted because of their beliefs or behavior"


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    They're what determine how good/bad you feel about yourself which is a big component of whether you're happy or not.

  • 1 month ago

    What you value you in turn act to bring about. Value is a principle for behavior.

    Being in accord with your values makes you a genuine person, not being in accord with your values causes hypocrisy.

    What you place value on, as a genuine person, you are willing to act for. So for example, a high value would be valuing the sustainability of life on earth. If you take that in principle a lot of subordinate values appear, as in "I value reducing the use of fossil fuels," "I value recycling materials."

    As a humanist I value universal human rights. I also have many other values, and these project outward illuminating my conditions in life. I am also not completely genuine to my values, but I think it is a progression to work towards more valued/ideals. Such gives me an enthusiasm for life.

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