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Can I put a beta fish in a tank with kribenses? ?

I have a communal tank with kribenses and other fish in. The kribs are both female, and the beta would be a male. will they be okay? 


I don’t know if this is relevant, but the tank is quite long in height. the kribs tend to stay at the bottom, and have never acted out against any of the other fish. 

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    What are the dimensions of the tank?  You will need at least a 30 gallon. what are all the other fish?

    Add hollow decorations to the bottom, even pvc piping.  

    Add a beta log near the top.  Keep the circulation baffled, be prepared to hand feed the betta every day.  

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    You can try it to see, but i'm not sure i'd do it.  Kribs are cichlids and they can be territorial, as can a beta.  I have had a beta in a community tank before, but he was with peaceful fish, no cichlids.

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