I would like to start up my own business & sell stuff online on Shpock, Depop, Vinted etc and buy from Alibaba. Do you think its a good idea?

I want to start of my selling things like jewellery, scarves and then branch into other items. Marketing doesn't cost much as I can upload the pictures of all the items and make it look nice on those pic collage apps and pay £10 per month to promote the items on those apps. Overall those apps are free to use besides the extra to promote but that is an option. 

I can stock the items I buy from Alibaba in my house in my hallway cupboard. I am not buying 200+ quantities anyways. 

Do you think this is a good idea or I am being naïve? My friends friend did it this way. He works 4 days a week at his job and makes extra income on the side by selling stuff like this. I would also have to open social media accounts. He has a lot of followers. I don't have that yet....overall he has made £500 profit this month. 

I don't know what to do about delivery. How do I deliver the items. Should I pack them up in my house and just go to the post office so they can deliver them..is there another way that is cheaper or efficient? 

What other things should I know about starting up a business online ? 

Thank you for all your help. 

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