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How do UK police know if someone told to self-isolate for having Coronavirus, goes out?


How do police know if they go out? Thanks

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    The Police have no way of knowing whether someone who is meant to be self isolating, is doing so.  If you've downloaded the Test & Trace App, there may be a way for this App to 'spy' on your movements, though I'm sure this is illegal and an infringement of Human Rights.

    If your meant to be 'Self Isolating' and for some reason you've got to leave the house, for some sort of emergency, then the sensible thing is to keep a safe distance from everyone else and wear a face mask to cover both your mouth and nose.

    As far as I know the Police Authorities don't and will never have access to personal information given on the 'Trace & Track' App.

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    So this is how it works at present.

    IF you've downloaded the Test & Trace App and the App has told you that you've been in contact with someone suspected or confirmed to have Covid-19, you will then be ASKED to login to a website and upload your personal details.  If you do not do that then not even Test & Trace will know who you are.  If you DO do it then of course T&T will have your information and it is them who will pass it on to police for 2 reasons.

    1) The police observe you breaking the rules (i.e. at a party or something) and suspect that you're hiding something.  They'll then check with T&T and T&T will provide them with any relevant info concerning advice to self-isolate or not.

    2) T&T staff try to call you to check if you're home during the period which they've told you to self-isolate, you answer and say you are but it sounds like you're outside, they'll then be able to inform your local police force and they can check if you're home by coming to your property or waiting outside to see if you go inside.

    The third reason the police might know is if the individual admits they should be self-isolating but had to go out because they had no choice and the last reason I can think of would be that the individual had a physical Covid test and failed or has not yet had the results back, the testing agency will have the person's information and again, the police can check with them if they've advised the person to self-isolate or not.

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    They have access to names on self isolation.

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