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How do i deal with men flirting at work but it means nothing to them cause they never set up a proper date but flirting hurts me a lot?

I cry at home. I get very hurt deeply. I am very emotional sensitive deep woman. I know people like to say 

FLIRTING DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING ITS A TIME PASS CAUSE GUYS ARE BORED AT WORK. ok but i dont go up to people slapping them and saying 'fk you' and expect them to no be effected by my actions or words. 

Btw i do not dress sexy or intentionally flirt with people so these guys come after me unwarranted. 

Whether its giving compliments over and over randomly or heavy flirting and staring in my eyes or saying we should hang out (but not actually taking me on a date)... Its all talk and nonsense. 

But it hurts to have your hopes raised. This is a heart issue for me. Logically i understand that i shouldnt take words to heart. Obviously people are liars etc. But if i like the guy enough for some reason, and then he flirts, it hurts when i realize hes not seriously interested in a relationship. One guy even flirted heavier than anyone has in my entire life and MONTHS into this attention he tells me he has a gf... Wtff? And btw he kept flirting after than too. Like what? And then peope hearing this like to say that hes a bad bf... Are these the same people who say that flirting means nothing?

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    Look them directly in the eye and say firmly, “Please stop talking to me like that. You are making me feel uncomfortable”. Then if they continue, you take them to HR and report it as harassment. The first step in stopping it (and protecting yourself) is making it very clear that the attention is unwanted and unwelcome. 

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    Please seek some therapy for your inability to deal with social issues

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