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Is it reasonable to break up with someone because they don't text enough or am I overreacting?

long story short, my 'bf' and i had been together for 5 months, we saw each other once a week, during quarantine for 5 months. He only texts a few times a day. His lack of texting makes me feel like he's not interested and maybe secretly seeing others. 

Of course, he has good qualities, things are good in person, i dont want to just be stupid and end things over texting. But the lack of texting makes me think he's not as serious or interested.  


i agree to some extent.....I'm getting mixed signals from him.

There are PLENTY of people, who will say it means he's not serious or interested. I agree, there's no need to text all the time, but if it's getting to a point where you see he's on social media alot but taking longer to reply to you, his 'gf', it makes me suspicious that he's not as serious. But then again, i dont want to be unreasonable or petty here.....

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ItsBitzo was that directed at me?

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    You can break up with someone for any reason you like. If texting a few times a day doesn't work for you, then you either ask him to change that, or live with it, or break up. Speaking for myself, I'd probably break up with someone if they usually sent MORE than one text a day.

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    Oh dear, oh dear! You youngsters!!  Texting 'only a few times a day' shows no enthusiasm for you???!!!

    Get real.

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    So why don't you stop "initiating" and "chasing" and "making plans" for a while? Let the man breathe. You're hounding him.

    If on the other hand you're bothered by him being on social media a lot, that is a separate issue, one that you didn't mention initially.

    But like many perhaps older people on here, I feel you should just pick up your phone and SPEAK to him. Texting is fine for quick updates, but to make a relationship move along you need to TALK.

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    People have different communication styles and if you are seeking someone who meets your needs, it would be best to clarify exactly what you want from the relationship.  HIs communication style could be comfortable for him and makes sense to him.  You decide on your priority, and have a conversation.

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    You can break up with somebody for whatever reason you want. Not everyone is going to agree that your reason was good, but it’s your choice. I’m breaking up with my boyfriend because he’s too good for me and I don’t feel like I am pretty enough to be with him, so I’m breaking up with him so he can go find himself a hot b*tch

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    That's up to you.  If you are a person who puts the quantity of texts above the quality of the message, then you need to find someone who will text you however many times a day you think is necessary to show he cares. Personally, I'd care a lot more about the quality of the conversation.

    Most relationship end. The purpose of dating is to find out whether two people are compatible in terms of how they feel and express love. There isn't a right or wrong way. If you feel insecure if your boyfriend doesn't text your every hour or two, I'd suggest that there is a deeper issue of trust to consider. If you spend all your time waiting for texts and monitoring your boyfriend social media usage, I think you may have low self-esteem.  Know what's right for you.

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    My boyfriend only sent me 300 to 400 texts!!  Whaaa.

    Yes, I think you should break up with him.  Do him a big favour because you are too high maintenance. 

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    Pick up the freaking phone and call him. Talking to him once a day is enough communication.  

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    If you need constant texting and he's not into that it speaks to the differences between you that make you perhaps not a great match to one another. So sure. 

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    he might be busy

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