How do I prevent smudging with sweaty hands while drawing?

I've been drawing all of my life, but I kind of dropped the pencil and haven't really been inspired to draw. Or wanting to for that matter. I am drawing something for someone special to me since I am unable to gift them anything, as I'm drawing, my hands start to get sweaty (idk why, but its annoying haha). I dont want the pencil to smudge because I plan on inking and using color pencil over it and I dont want the smudges to show. Is there anyway to prevent this? 

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    1 month ago
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    You can get smudge guard glove thingies, but having been drawing all my days (mainly on tracing paper) I found that a bit of scrap paper or kitchen towel under the hands tends to work. The other thing is to rest the hand lightly on the finger nail of your pinkie, keeping your sweaty palms well off the paper.  Use pounce powder to get rid of any marks. You can fix the pencil if you don't want to remove it, but if it is going anyway, clean up with a putty rubber that will remove the pencil but leave the ink.

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