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Women: How did it feel when your child or children didn't show up for your wedding?

Have any of you had children from a previous relationship, and that relationship didn't work out? Then when you found a new husband years later, and your adult children didn't show up for your wedding (even though his children did and many members of your family did as well) how has that made you feel?

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  •  so his children showed up and you feel left out because your children didn't. you know what? they have no moral obligation to show up to your legal bindment with some man that's not their dad. stop being selfish. 

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    I have no children.  I married a widower with 5 children 3 years after his wife died.  I knew him 1 year before we married.

    Four of his children boycotted our wedding - which was very small.

    How did I feel?  I think it's one thing to look foolish (which they did) and another thing to prove it (which they did).  It's now 10 years later, 4 of the 5 don't speak to me, it's just the way things are.

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    I imagine if your children didn't attend, there were pre-existing issues with your relationships. 

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    Guess your children do not approve of it. Live with it, they are adults, and can make their own decisions. Maybe you should have talked to them before you said I do.

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