Which application do you use everyday?

fb, ins, twitter, tiktok

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  • Bill-M
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    1 month ago
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    None of those you listed.  Don't have an account for any of those.

    Which Application do I use everyday?  GMAIL

  • 1 month ago

    FB.  I've never used any of the others.  Weird phenomenon on Facebook.  It was infected by the CIA with spyware, so right after they gave me back the memories of abuse in rituals, I started getting hundreds of random friend requests from Targeted Individuals speaking of MKUltra (whatever that is) saying that they were also experimented upon and abused in rituals.  I spent two years integrating the memories, found myself framed a threat to society, locked up, and tortured by our own health system in ways that made the experiments in rituals seem like fun.  I've related with Targeted Individuals in ways I've never been able to relate with anyone. Anyhow, the powers that be took their home back and I'm now on disability, living in subsidized housing.  This is the agenda trying to destroy and run our lives when we don't fit into their formula.  They have mind reading technology, especially if they have a sample of your DNA, can really fukc with you, can even transmit voices and thoughts into your head, not to mention, zap you with direct energy weapons  This is basically the start of the 1984 Orwell was writing about and the majority of people wont even believe it when you speak of it, so there you go Adam, if you didn't know before, you're in on the grass roots level now

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