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Am I a nihilist?

I believe that our existance is random and meaningless, love is conditional--even the love between parent and child and in general, there is no meaning in life but to exist.

Not sure if that makes me a nihilist 

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    "Based on my perceptions, I believe (posit, conclude) that there is no underlying, overlying, or integral pattern of Immanent/Transcendent means present in (my) life."

    The (existential) nihilist generally posits there is no meaning, and additionally does not affirm the "blessedness of being," the latter aka Sartre's "maximize your positives, reduce your negatives," aka "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die."

    So, as Chris Ancor said, you are a sartrean realist, rather than a gloomy Eeyore, who is not rejoicing in hedonistic moderation.

    If you are able to self-rate yourself on Maslow's hierarchy of maximizing your positives and reducing/managing your negatives ('s_hierarchy_o... ), and you find that you're more often in deficit cognition--a condition which tends to breed existential despair--then regular nature walks, exercise, caring for a puppy or a garden, helping another, will tend to move you toward being-cognition, at least in that activity.  Success breeds success, and your attainment of vocational and general self-mastery, aka being-cognition, will tend to bring insight as patterns of meaning thus tend to emerge over time for the individual. 


    Man's Search for Meaning;

    Understanding Yourself, by Mark Prophet;

    The People of the Lie;

    The Road less Traveled;

    A Warrior's Path;

    Lost in the Cosmos;

    Flares of Memory:  Stories of Childhood during the Holocaust.

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    No it does not. You are a realist.

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    I BELIEVE thats where your idea became worthless 

    Source(s): You dont fcuking know
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    You forgot all the games we can play and chasing the opposite sex is one of the best games but this game has a problem, that darn "L" word  comes into play and nihilist I no longer can be....  

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