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Walmart posting my friends business items, claiming to be there’s, but it’s NOT! They stole their photos! What now?

A customer sent her a message, “congrats for getting in Walmart!!!” She was dumbfounded.. “no, we’re not in Walmart!?” Then, the customer provided several screen shots!!!!!!!!!! It was indeed the actual Walmart website!!!!!! Screen shots from her website!  Just found out about an hour ago! What now?! Thanks 


@ chief baggagesmasher: yes!!! She has PROOF she took the photos they stole!!! She has the originals and owns the logo and the company! Some of the photos on even have her website on them!!! lol they didn’t even crop it out! 

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    Unless your "friend's" items are handmade and they took the pictures, then there is nothing you can do.

    You can have your lawyer send a letter to Walmart and see where that goes.

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    Maybe your friend is just reselling the exact same **** and used the same pictures.

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    Walmart's website is not hard to get on.

    You just have to register.

    Walmart's website is a marketplace, like Amazon.

    On the right hand side of the page, product title, order number, shipping information and then lists who the item is sold by-- which for millions of products is not walmart. 

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    Sounds like you should step away from the bong. Between this and seeing ghosts most people would think you are bat-sh*t crazy.

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