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why does country music sound so sad often times? and also it sounds the same or not? why people like it?

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    Most people are some degree of tone deaf, so it's easy to play some *ahem* "music" and tell them "Here, you like THIS".  And my music opinions could seem pompous to some I bet, (sorry) but I write music, and country really is just 60,000 versions of one same song. But...I'd never step on someone's sense of joy. Music is one's personal joy.  Whatever it is that makes someone happy, power to that. I'm in favor of happy, Barney. And we also know country gives some folks a good feeling, because it's folksy, and they like the familiar, and some even appreciate having their values agreed with, in the words. It's all good. It shouldn't bother anybody if someone likes that. :D


    Source(s): Exceptions to country not being good: Neil Young, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rolling Stones..all did SOME tunes that count as country. These were rock artists though, seriously talented ones, so it was tasty stuff (example: Rolling Stones, Far Away Eyes). ..Artists can end up in another genre sometimes like that because rock has its roots in blues & country. --- Why are some country songs sad? --> Country people like music in part as STORY-TELLING. It's an oral tradition of country folk, put to easily identifiable music. One of the KINDS of stories they like to weave in song is THE TEAR JERKER. For country artists, it's appealingly easy to illicit positive acceptance of a song, by just making it about something everybody goes through. And if that's your bag, rock on. --- BUT for me, I gotta have more musical value than one twangy song repeated forever, with bumpkin words for a vocal track. LOL (I warned ya! :D
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    Not all country music sound sad. It depends on what the song is about that determines the mood.

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    A lot of it is relatable.  It's literally just like any other genre...  There are sad, happy, energetic, party, etc songs just like with pop or whatever it is you listen to...

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    Some have a nostalgic vibe to it like Take Me Home Country Roads. No it doesnt sound the same. People like it cause its good

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    Much of it isn’t.

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