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I have a Psychiatrist referral from GP?

Hello, wondering what that means and what the appointment entails.

I had an episode of what my doctor has referred to as dissociation the other day in which I tried to end my own life, I am not overly depressed or suicidal.

however I suffer with anxiety and leaving the house. I don’t remember what happened from a self perspective as in what I was feeling, I remember it like I was an observer of it. There was no trigger prior that caused me to take these actions. Now I am frightened as I feel I am loosing a grip on reality and I can’t keep myself safe from these episodes I have no control or feeling over. Has anyone experienced this ? 

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    Your GP was wise to send you to a medical physician who specializes in mental health.  A psychiatrist is a doctor who can set a broken limb, take out tonsils and examine and prescribe for a Strep Throat.  

    Please BE WISE and tell both your doctor and the psychiatrist that you want to share your medical records with BOTH OF THEM.  And to do that, you have to sign a medical release of information and either doctor's office staff can print one up for you to sign.  BOTH physicians should follow you.

    BEFORE you go to see the psychiatrist, write down every single detail you can remember about these episodes of dissociation and take it with you.

    The psychiatrist has comfortable chairs and a sofa in his office and will want you to  sit down and relax while he asks you some questions.  By providing the necessary notes about your dissociation episodes, you save him a lot of time.

    And because he is also a medical doctor, he will ask about about the people in your family and if they have been treated for mental illness.  He will ask you pointed detailed questions about your alcohol and street drug use.  Cannabis (pot) will be an important factor.

    Part of your "type" of symptoms, you may have to take more testing and some of it may be written testing.  It may take more than one or two visits until the doctor has enough information to diagnose you and prescribe any medication you may need.

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    That was very useful information thank you. 

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