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I want so bad out of this marriage I cheated?

I begged my husband for divorce. I told him straight face to face I don't wanna keep on in this marriage, he refused to even talk about and if he accepts it will be only under his conditions which includes custody of our kids, my kids are the ONLY reason I keep being here and he knows it. Unfortunately where I live (MS) both need to agree for divorce or basically your life in danger, that's what I've been told.

I am not justifying myself at all for cheating, but let's say it was a way not to commit suicide I can NOT see the way out of this marriage my husband has made my life so ******* boring and now abnormal.

I cannot stand it anymore, please some help!!!!

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    First thing you have to do is seeing a lawyer 

    and from  there proceed the divorce 

    You will not loose your kids 

    You had been ill advice 

  • 1 month ago

    You are cheater! 

    He will divorce you. But, you are seems can not keep kids well as he want to keep kids.

    File for divorce.

    Then court will do proper decisions for kids well being.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not really cheating if you don’t want to be married. And even if it’s difficult to get a divorce, nothing is stopping you from separating. You can still move out if you’re married. I suggest you talk to a divorce lawyer. Just remember that even if you’re separated, you’re still legally married. Take your money out of any joint accounts and put it somewhere he can’t touch. Until your divorce is final, what’s yours is his. I doubt a judge will give him full custody of your kids once you get a suitable home. Unless one of you is unfit, a judge will likely grant joint custody. 

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