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What is a word for when something that isn't an issue gets made an issue by a passive aggressive person?

I was going to travel 2 hours to meet someone and he ignored my text confirming I was coming. The thing is, I meet people in this part of my city all the time and I never had a problem with someone ignoring me, because people know I am coming from far and give me the courtesy of acknowledgement. So now I come across as all needy because this person didn't respond to me, but he doesn't get that it hasn't been an issue before him. An issue that arose, that never really existed, from passive aggressiveness, what is a word I can use to describe this?

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    You travel 2 hours it's good to confirm. That guy is playing a power / mind game with you. Trying to make you stressed out and uncertain, then when he shows up you will feel very relieved and positive - when all he did was show up. He is a toxic person stay away from him. In a word - mind games.

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