Job in a supermarket with no experience ?

Hi so I have a interview with Tesco’s but it wasn’t like the normal application as I knew someone working and they referred . I have an interview however I haven’t worked before so this would be my first job. I’ve done a lot of voluntary work in  nurseries and a learning disability centre so I’m going to talk about that but its not really relevant , it’s just a general assistant so I don’t know what kind of experience they would be looking for but would be talking about working in  nurseries be enough to give me the job, any tips you could give me. 

1 Answer

  • If you know some one that works there, that could get you in the door. 

    Volunteering can also help you out. 

    Just be polite. Answer their questions to the best of your abilities. Also dress appropriately and turn your cell phone to silent mode so it doesn't interrupt and don't be late. Show some interest in the place that you want to work for, do some research on them and come up with some questions to ask them. Have a good attitude and smile. 

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