I'm in my thirties and I was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD when I was very young. About a year ago I was diagnosed with autusim, I'm low on the spectrum, high functioning ( I know that term is the best and I don't wish to offend anyone, if there is a better term I will use it but that's the only one I know right now) I've been married with two children for about 11 years. My husband is a wonderful guy and very smart but a lot of times I feel like there are times he doesn't understand what I'm going through because he doesn't go through it. Are there any recommended books on ASD and ADHD  For adults specially for those who just found out they are on the spectrum? For married couples ? Any good podcast or youtube people to look up? 



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  • 2 months ago

    Honestly, I think counseling would be more productive.  Is your husband really going to sit down and read about ADHD?

    The real issues have to do with the very specific feeling or situations you ar going through.  You have to identify examples and what happens or what you feel in those situations.  Then how you get cope with those and how your husband can help support your in those situations.  Having your husband understand what Dyslexia means doesn't help you. Having he do something for you or help you or be patient while you read something does.  The same is true with ADHD and or autism.  What are the specific symptoms or difficulties you encounter and when do those happen? What sympathy or support or accommodation is useful?  

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