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Vw jetta wheel speed sensor problems?

From 2016 to now I am having errors on the dash with abs and traction control...10 wheel speed sensors were changed so far within this date and I still have problems. When I go to the mechanic and they diagnose it with the obd scanner, they say I have to replace it and due to vw does fail more often than any car. It drives better with no problems or erratic shifting when the problem is fixed though. Only when it fails , it acts like its gonna shut down on me with a bad gear change or high rpm. I think that the parts are failing so many times...and it makes my car unreliable. Why it fails so much? Bad roads? Bad part design? Need assistance. Its very costly when you add up those sensors and labor. Thanks.


I double checked my receipts..its 7 no 10 sensors but that is still alot..

Update 2:

And this one that is giving trouble would be the 8th.

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    thats why I think euro cars are rubbish that happens to lots of volkswagon owners

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